Challenge: Deep Server (Speed)

A deep serve makes it harder for returners to establish themselves at the non-volley zone. At a minimum it means they have farther to move in order to get there. And hitting deep with a fast serve can disrupt the returner’s timing as well as make it harder for them to set up well.

Goal: To be able to hit deep, fast serves that land within 5ft of the baseline.

Purpose: To develop a consistent serve that makes it difficult for the returner to do what they want with the ball.

Method: Place a pylon or other object 5ft from the baseline on both the odd and even courts. From the opposite baseline, serve a fast and low ball and attempt to land it between the pylon and baseline. Hit 10 serves from each court and record how many land in the target area.

Equipment: A basket of balls or a partner who will send the ball back after it is served. Pylons or other objects.

Adaptations: Make the challenge harder by placing the pylon closer to the baseline. Make it easier by moving it farther from the baseline. Make the challenge harder by hitting the serve faster.

Notes: While this serve may challenge your consistency, it has a lot of upside. Giving your opponents less time to prepare will make it more likely that they hit a poor return that you can pounce on. Remember that you must still follow all serving rules.

Deep Server (Speed)

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