Below are the answers to common questions and some basic troubleshooting in case things are not running quite as smooth as they should.

  1. I signed up, what next?

You should receive an email straight away. Every once in a while our emails get caught in your email filters, or flagged as spam or promotional material. If you open up your inbox try searching for “The Pickleball Lab” in “All Mailboxes” and try adding our email address to your contacts (

2. When I sign in, I keep getting redirected to the homepage!

Sounds like there could be a setting in your web browser that needs changing. You’ll need to enable third party cookies in order to view the site, this it isn’t as tricky as it sounds. In most cases typing into google “Enable third party cookies ___________” (followed by the name of the browser you’re using; Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer etc. will typically give you step by step directions right on the google search page).

3. I signed up as a Quarterly Subscriber and am ready to commit to an annual membership!

Great! When you’re logged in you’ll see a small black button in the corner of your screen that says “Your Account.” Give it a click and locate the button that says “change plan.” Boom! You’re all set! What will likely happen is your content will start from scratch in regards to the timing of what you’re able to access. If you’re beyond Week 5 please let us know and we’ll work on a custom workaround for you.

4. I don’t think The Lab is for me, I’d like to cancel my membership.

We’re truly sorry to see you go. If you’re willing to share your reasons to leaving we’d appreciate the insight to help make The Lab better for others moving forward. When you click the “Your account” button in the bottom right corner you will see the option to “View or Cancel Plans” and can do so at anytime.

5. When I clicked on the link in the email it told me I had to wait some days before I could access the page.

Kate occasionally has to tackle the back end of the site like a wild Florida gator. In the event you receive this message the gator has won. Let Kate know and she’ll fix it ASAP.

6. I have some thoughts on what I would like to see, or how I think The Lab could be even better.

Tell us! We appreciate your thoughts and constructive feedback. If there is an idea you have regarding content or site functionality, or if you even want to share your favourite cookie recipe, please tell us. Send us a message below!


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