Challenge: Drop Off Lob (Advanced)

When you are beat by a lob, the ideal response is a drop. That’s because only a drop has a realistic chance of neutralizing your opponent by giving them a ball they cannot hit hard and keep in play. And while a good drop is hard to hit in the best of circumstances, the degree of difficulty goes up a notch when you are running away from the net.

Goal: To play consistent drops after being beaten by a lob.

Purpose: To neutralize opponents when in a defensive situation.

Method: Stand at the NVL facing the net and practice partner who is at their NVL. Partner plays a deep lob over your head (don’t smash it even if you can). Chase down the lob and attempt a drop that forces and upward hit from your opponent. See how many quality drops you can hit after 15 attempts.

Equipment: N/A

Adaptations: To make the drill more challenging, rather than catching the ball after your drop, have the net player play a drop volley that you must chase down and dink before they send another lob. This will really challenge your speed and endurance.

Notes: Doing this drill crosscourt will give you more room to play a drop and will likely improve your consistency.

Drop Off Lob


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