Challenge: Height Controller (Drive)

A good drive can be a great tool to get your opponents off-balance. It is critical that the drive be hit low (no more than 1 paddle height above the net). But watch out. Too low and you’re in the net. This challenge tests your ability to be great at keeping the ball out of harm’s way.

Goal: To play consistent drives.

Purpose: To neutralize opponents or cause trouble with a fast and low shot.

Method: Stand at one baseline with a training parter at the other. Have your partner send the ball around 3/4 court with some arc. Play a fast drive down-the-line and try to keep the ball within 1 paddle height of the net. Hit 10 forehands and 10 backhands. Count how many you can through the height target.

Equipment: N/A

Adaptations: To make the drill more challenging, have your partner stand at the net and volley the ball back to you each time you hit it. Record how many good drives you can hit in a row. To make the drill easier, hit the drive a little slower.

Notes: Drives are typically hit when the ball is received net high or above, otherwise fast balls will land out. Make sure the partner sends balls that are realistic to drive.

Height Controller (Drive)


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