Challenge: Height Controller (Drop)

If you want to neutralize your opponents at the net, forcing them to hit up on the ball is a good way to do it. That means playing a good drop which is not just slow, but also low. In this challenge, your ability to control height is put to the test.

Goal: To keep the ball low over the net (1 paddle height or less) when playing a drop.

Purpose: To neutralize opponents who are looking to attack.

Method: Stand at one baseline with a training parter at the other. Have your partner send the ball around 3/4 court with some arc. Play a slow shot crosscourt or down-the-line and try to keep the ball within 1 paddle height of the net. Hit 10 forehands and 10 backhands. Count how many you can hit through the height target.

Equipment: N/A

Adaptations: To make the drill more challenging, rather than catching the ball after your drop, have the net player play a volley that you must chase down and drop again. This will really challenge your ability to control height and speed.

Notes: Doing this drill crosscourt will give you more room to play a drop and will likely improve your consistency.

Height Controller (Drop)


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