Challenge: Lob to Smash

Lobbing can be an effective tool against people who can’t put away smashes. And an overhead smash is a great tool against lobbers. This challenge forces you to demonstrate excellent control of both shots.

Goal: To rally consistently using just lobs and smashes.

Purpose: To develop great control over your body and paddle when playing these two shots.

Method: Stand at the NVL facing the net and practice partner who is at their baseline. Baseline player sends a high lob to start the rally. The net player moves back and plays the lob out of the air with an overhead smash that is hit back to the baseline player. Without catching the ball, the baseline player hits it back as a high lob. Continue the rally until one player misses. See how many consecutive shots in a row the team can play.

Equipment: N/A

Adaptations: To make the drill more challenging, hit the lob deeper (3/4 court or back) and the smash harder. Require the smasher to recover to the NVL after each smash.

Notes: Use caution when playing smashes. Know the limits of your mobility. It is recommended that players do not back pedal when playing smashes.

Lob to Smash


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