Challenge: Timed Reflex Volleys

Volleys comprise a huge part of pickleball. Being able to send and receive them in a hurry is a key skill if you want to advance as a player. This challenge forces you to take risk but still be consistent.

Goal: To hit as many consecutive volleys as possible in 30 seconds (or until one player misses).

Purpose: To develop great reflexes and volley control.

Method: Stand at the NVL facing the net and practice partner who is at their NVL. Set a timer for 30 seconds (or have another person time) and count how many consecutive volleys you can hit before time runs out. Once the timer sounds, a volley is missed or the ball bounces, that attempt is over.

Equipment: A ball and a timer.

Adaptations: Use a wall if you don’t have a partner. Make the challenge harder by alternating forehands and backhands during the sequence or by shuffling across the court as you volley.

Notes: Be careful not to volley in the NVZ. That infraction ends the attempt.

Timed Reflex Volleys


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