Challenge: Sideline Toucher

More often then not, when a person plays a bad dink it is related to them being poorly positioned to hit it. Your opponents will try to wear you down so that you end up reaching for the ball rather than being well set up. This challenge pushes you to be a great mover.

Goal: To develop great lateral agility and endurance. Score as many points as possible in 15 seconds.

Purpose: To move well enough to return even the toughest dinks with a high-quality shot. .

Method: Stand on one half of the court at the NVZ while facing the net. Set a timer (or have a friend keep time) for 15 seconds. Using shuffle steps, move quickly to the sideline and then shuffle quickly to the centreline. Repeat this as many times as possible in before the timer runs out.

Equipment: Two pylons (optional) or two balls (optional).

Adaptations: Make the challenge more interesting and physically demanding by using two pylons or balls. Deliver one to the sideline and the second to the centreline. Retrieve the first and return it to ‘home base’ before retrieving the second. Repeat.

Notes: Be sure to use appropriate caution with this challenge. Know your limits when it comes to intense movement.

Sideline Toucher


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